Getting Healthy with Yoga

It’s no secret that yoga can be a great way to start the road to health. While it may seem weird if you’ve never done it, it’s surprisingly simple to get started.

Don’t let it’s simplicity fool you there are a large number of poses that will push your body to it’s limits even if you are already in great shape. The key is to start with some of the easier moves and work your way up to the more challenging.

I found this great video with a number of easier poses if you are just getting started. Once you finish you should feel relaxed and at the same time feel like you’ve gotten in a nice workout.

Let me know what you think!

Chiropractic Care & Heart Health

A recent study done in the Chiropractic field have found one case where a patient having cardiovascular ailment risk factors like high triglycerides & cholesterol was able to minimize his risk of heart disorder by undergoing a chiropractic help.

Additional risk factors for the development of cardiovascular disorders include:

Physical inactivity

Unbalanced diets
Excessive alcohol intake
Exposure to tobacco

Cardiovascular Disorder – What is it?

Cardiovascular Disorder includes several conditions which tend to affect the functioning or structure of your heart.

Cardiovascular disorders could include:

Heart attacks
Arrhythmias (or irregular heart rhythms)
Coronary artery disorders
Heart valve illness
Complete failure of heart
Congenital heart disorder
Cardiomyopathy (heart muscle disease)
Pericardial syndrome
Marfan disease
Aorta syndrome
Vascular disorder

In the U.S, cardiovascular disorder is the major reason behind death for men as well as women. Hence, it’s essential to know the risk elements, consequences of the illnesses & cures.

This study publication reveals that above 80 million persons are spotted annually with heart disease. While heart disease is a chief cause of disease worldwide, it’s very prevalent in the U.S because of Western diets & inactive life routines.

How A Chiropractic Expert Can Help In Regards With the Cardiovascular Risk Elements:

The above mentioned study involved a 30 year old man, who undertook chiropractic help after it was found that he had high amounts of cholesterol in addition to triglycerides.

It was found that his triglycerides level was 577 mg/dL (the regular level being 35 to 150 mg/dL) while his cholesterol was 246 mg/dL (the regular level being 130 to 200 mg/dL).

With the above numbers, it was clear that he had a big risk of developing heart disease. The patient also informed to his chiropractic expert that he was suffering from the symptoms of lower back pain as well as gout for the period of 6 weeks. The patient’s chiropractic expert carried out a health checkup that included a visual postural assessment, orthopedic examinations, motion and still palpation, nerve tests, para-spinal thermography instrumentation as well as a deep tendon responses for upper & lower edges. Based upon the results of this tests, it was revealed that spine subluxations were existing. To fix such type of subluxations, particular chiropractic modifications were done 2 times each week. The patient was also required to change his lifestyle, diet as well as exercise during the course of his chiropractic treatment routine.

When it was time for this patient’s next appointment, chiropractor Dr Kayla noticed the patient experienced a big development in his symptoms in addition to his other illnesses — lower back pain & less joint pain. Also, the patient stated that his digestion and his sleep patterns had better. After asking his medical doctor, the patient suspended his triglyceride & cholesterol medicine intake.

5 weeks into the therapy, this person discovered that his blood flow was now regular. His blood flow proved that his triglycerides level were 126 mg/dL (the regular level being 35 to 150 mg/dL) while his cholesterol was 188 mg/dL (the regular level being 130 to 200 mg/dL).

Both of the above levels were now found to be normal.

The above case study shows that people with heart disorder can now lower their risks by visiting a chiropractic expert and also change their lifestyles so as to take in a balanced diet as well as improved physical workouts.

Numerous other researches also indicated that chiropractic care does help in treating cardiovascular ailments in human beings.

Blood Pressure and Anxiety
Persons who’re undergoing chiropractic treatments are likely to experience a drop in their blood pressure levels instantaneously after the procedure. Alongside, anxiety levels seem to drop as well.
The above fact proves that chiropractic procedures can be beneficial to the cardiac structure of human beings. Some people have found that by simply meditating regularly they can lower their blood pressure and anxiety levels.

Picking a Chiropractic Expert

Simply proving that this procedure is advantageous for the heart doesn’t lessen the requirement for wise selection of a chiropractic expert as well as timing for such procedures. Anybody who’s is presently suffering a heart issue must give a chiropractic expert enough info about it before undergoing any treatment. A quality chiropractor will ensure that any heart patient gets a comprehensive checkup prior to proceeding with the adjustments.

Learning to Meditate the Proper Way

1: Finding the Right Place

Select a spot either inside your house, outdoors or workplace which is quiet & private. There must be no other individuals nearby you & no loud outside sounds. Turn all electronic equipment’s off like telephone, T.V set, radio & computer. If you prefer music, select nature or soft instrumentals sounds which will have a low volume.

2: Position Yourself Properly

No matter which place you pick, it must be relaxing. The best place for meditation is either on a plush rug, or on a pillow or on the floor. If you are not able to sit on the flooring, a chair or couch will work as well. You may sit in whichever position which keeps your muscle tissues comfortable and your spinal cord in alignment however the most general position for meditation is lotus.

For getting in the lotus position, sit on the flooring. Then, cross your both legs ahead of yourself. Your right ankle must be on your left thigh and your left ankle must be on your right thigh. Sit up tall so that your spinal cord, head and neck will be aligned. Drop both the arms so that the back of the hands will rest against the top of your thighs. Then bring the tip of the thumb so as to touch the other fingers tips on every hand.

3: Relaxing Your Body

Beginning from the topmost of your head, calm every single group of muscle all the way to your toes. After your body is completely calm and stress free, start breathing deep. Breathe in deeply with your nose for five seconds. Then exhale gently with your mouth for five seconds. Continue this process till it becomes spontaneous.

4: Cleaning Your Mind

Clean your mind from all thoughts. You might find it useful to repeat a sound or word for instance “ohmmmm”. Usually, this is the hardest part of your meditation however each time you meditate it would start becoming easier to perform. The main thing here is to take off your mind from everything, no matter whether it’s internal or external.

By following the steps given above, you’ll be able to completely relax your body and mind so as to reap the several advantages of meditation. It is suggested that you should meditate for a minimum of ten minutes each day to bring a sense of happiness & wellness in your life.